Photo Guide/Educator

Todd Whetstine

He was told when he turned in his two week notice..."People chasing dreams run into more slips trips and falls than they do glamor and glory!!" That dude must've had a crystal ball!!  

Todd left a triple digit income and security the summer of 2017, for a job as a professional wildlife photographer guide in Alaska. He never even asked what he was going to get paid!! HE MUST BE CRAZY!!

This was his lifelong dream. He knew he'd be fine because he knew how hard he'd work to make it. He would've much rather failed than spend the rest of his life wondering what if?

Fast forward seven years from then... 

Did Todd get rich? In the eyes of most, probably not... In his eyes... most definitely!

Todd always thought the pinnacle was shooting nature photos for a living. He realized quickly he had a gift to teach. That's the pinnacle for him. His gift ignites passion... You want THE shot? You'll need a little of that!

Todd has been working in the Denali National Park area for the past seven years as a professional wildlife photographer and guide. He’s very knowledgeable about Alaska and its unique wildlife, landscape, and climate. Todd’s been teaching photography professionally since 2008. He’s been hailed as a very gifted and passionate educator.

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