Who is Capture Wild Alaska?

Meet Todd Whetstine...

Capture Wild Alaska is a brand new establishment that's gaining more of a foothold and trying new ideas in the touring industry every day. CWA takes one person, one couple, one family, one small group or club at a time. Who goes out with you will be decided by you.  

My name is Todd Whetstine. My girlfriend and I are living our dream in the wilderness of Alaska just a short drive from Fairbanks. Tina is an administrator/nurse at a long term care facility in FB. She absolutely loves her job. She's the beauty and the brains of the entire operation and she's successful at everything she does!. I don't know how I survived without her.

 Me? Well... I'm the strong back part of the team. My friends say I usually do what I want to do over what I should do. That's why I'll be your tour guide/photo coach. I freaking love my job!! 

In 2016 I was making six figures and had the best job I ever had and doing photo workshops on the side.  

When I got an opportunity to be a photo guide in Alaska I quit my job the next day and headed to Alaska. I never asked how much I'd get paid.

I've made it back every year since. It has been quite a struggle! This is what I love.  

I've lived in a tent or in the back seat of my car to do what I want instead of what I should. I've spent the best part of the last decade focusing on becoming the best tour guide I can be. If you want help with photography? I promise, I can help.

This journey starts with a phone call or video conference. If interested please reach out.