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Capture Wild Alaska Photography Tours

Capture Wild Alaska is one of the only photo workshop companies in Alaska that operates year round. It's never too cold for us. If you wanna go, we'll take you.

Capture Wild Alaska has daily group tours. Northern Lights through winter. Plus three different daily tours through the summer. Early morning, midday, and midnight sun. Pick one or try them all.

We also have a couple five day workshops. The Great Bald Eagle Migration takes place early November in Haines, AK. You'll quickly become a pro at birds in flight. Over four thousand eagles will be crammed in a small section of the Chilkat River knowns as the Chilkat River Bald Eagle Preserve.

Five days photographing grizzly bears at Lake Clark, Alaska is in design mode. Call 907-799-7876 for more information.


We also offer the opportunity to go private.


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